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Exploring Jodhpur in Rajasthan, India - 3 Videos.

Jodhpur is a city in the North Western Indian state of Rajasthan. Founded in 1459 and the second largest in the state, the city features world famous examples of Rajasthani palaces and fortress architecture - showcasing ornate turrets, gates, courtyards and other impressive features. 

Jodhpur is dominated by the large and imposing fort of Mehrangarh fort, which Rudyard Kipling described as "the creation of angels, fairies and giants". Nestled below the fort is the old city and bazaar; a jumble of distinctive blue houses, a splash of bright colour among the yellow/orange desert. Because of this Jodhpur gets called the Blue City. 


In Udiapur and Jodhpur Mike and Jay first look around the Udaipur City Palace which sits up high above the lake and is a warren of courtyards, stairwells and lavish marble rooms. After unsuccessfully trying to gatecrash a wedding they then travel to Jodhpur on the edge of the Thar desert, take a tuk tuk ride to an unidentified but pretty nice looking hotel. They walk the markets in Jodhpur and take a ride up to a viewing point overlooking Mehrangarh fort. There is a relaxed feel and narrative accompanied by some nice camera work. They seem to get a lot done without having much time. 

Another video which explores the town is Traveling India: Johdpur, by Christine Kobzeff and friend. They also visit the fort (where there seems to be a zipline) get caught in various traffic jams, walk the backstreets and also give some handy hints to help you secure the best accommodation in town. You also get a tour of Singhri's Havili - which looks like a pretty nice place to stay. The video doesn't always flatter the city or india in general, for example if you want to get a tour of the public toilets (on a bus trip- it's not pretty), then this video is for you.

Jodhpur The Blue City 4k (below) by prsw100 the video creator takes an informative trip around the city which showcases and narrates useful information about all the major sites as well as reviewing their accommodation at the upmarket Indana Palace Hotel and a meal at the quirky looking On the Rocks Restaurant, which looks to be popular with tour groups. Nicely shot, the video shows and discusses The Umaid Bhawan Palace, a Collection of clocks, Antique cars, Mehrangarh Fort, Mughal architecture, the Rajput School of Architecture, Hindu and Mughal patterns and some dancing women.

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Jodhpur is easy to travel to with air, rail and bus links. It is roughly 5-6 hours to Jaipur, 9-10 hours to Jaisalmer, 6-7 hours to Udaipur. There are dozens of places to stay ranging from the extravagant but no doubt memorable Umaid Bahwan Palace to the cheaper but highly rated Jee Ri Havili, which sits on the edge of a lake and has views out over the fort.

photo credit: hugemittons Backstreet Blues, Jodhpur via photopin (license)
photo credit: Dawn at the Fort via photopin (license)