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Mom, Dad & the Kids Cycle The Backroads

In Familia Cyclista a family of four take eight months time to cycle from the bottom of Patagonia to Bolivia, via ChileArgentina. The children look to be around 7 and 12 years old, the younger one travelling on a purpose built tandem bike, and the older riding himself. The whole family - and the occasional supporters - appear to be having the time of their lives camping, cooking over the gas stove, meeting strangers, fellow cyclists and cruising through the wide open spaces.

Although the hills, the wind and rugged remote terrain are mentioned, unlike most other videos of this nature these factors seem barely relevant. The sparse and thoughtful narration dwells on the beauty of the scenery and the people they meet along the way. Any hardships or challenges - and there must have been some - are insignificant. It seems the communities they encounter and the sense of freedom of the road are the most important things to this family. 

At the end of the video there is a segment dedicated to all the follow cyclists they meet along the way, demonstrating what they describe as "a global family of cyclists living their dreams on roads less travelled"

Overall the video is a very fresh take on an adventure or travel narrative. Much of it's appeal comes from the fact that it is barely acknowledged how unique it is that a family has decided to do such an extraordinary thing, rather it is treated as an obvious thing to do. It is also beautifully filmed. Very original and highly recommended.

  •  Places: Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Patagonia, Uyuni
  • Activities: Cycle Touring
  •  Video & Pictures: Dan Clark
  • Website: Clark Family Adventures.